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Ok, So I've done (more than!) my fair share of network marketing companies: Newport (disaster!), Amway, Herbalife, Clientele Life and the biggest disaster - SDL.

I failed.  Not exactly miserably but I certainly didn't earn a living from any of them.



I must admit – I enjoy this and am reasonably successful. I find it easy to sell make-up as every woman wants to look her best. I simply show her how she can bring out the colour of her eyes and she is sold!

Besides, no matter how tiny her grocery budget is, a woman will just buy mince instead of steak so she can have her lipstick!

I still sell Reeva. Commissions go right up to a whopping 40% which is a really great commission. Sell R10,000 worth and you make R4,000.00 commission.




Yes the products are good, but I spent more on products and training seminars than I actually earned. I still have milkshake at home (come to think of it, it has probably expired by now!)



I joined but soon realised that you didn't earn until you had introduced more than 5 people plus you only received commissions for three years so I cancelled my membership. I was looking for a residual income where I could work very hard now and then relax and Clientele Life was not able to provide that.



I started making some money and did the business for about 18 months. Within the first month of me being in the business, I introduced a man in Johannesburg that was very committed and he started building a huge team.

Then I discovered that after about five months, head office had convinced the man I introduced to join some other people's downlines! By July 2006, he had a combined downline of over 4000 paying members. If they had all been in my team, I would have been earning around R40,000.00 per month. I was earning nowhere near that!

I was so disappointed and hurt and angry that this happened. I really felt that they had stolen from us: me – a single woman; my mother (my upline) – a pensioner; my mom's upline – a deaf man; as well as the people above us that had constantly supported us, motivated us etc.

I tried to get some sort of credit for the downlines but the MD of the company, Kobus Geldenhuys, ignored all my phone calls and correspondence. I was persistent and eventually he wrote that it was a head office decision and they would not give me the downlines. They then cancelled my business and kept all the money that I should be earning.

As far as I am concerned, this is extremely unethical business practice and boils down to total theft. However, I truly believe that the big wheel turns and that SDL will go out of business.

Please do not mail me asking for more information on SDL. I have said as much as I am going to and if you still join SDL after reading this, then sorry for you.



I had always been convinced that I could make money on the internet. However, it certainly proved tougher than I thought!



Ok I lost money on these. I bought two different randomizers. Logically you would think that it would work – that you buy say a $10 randomizer and pay two members $3 each and pay admin $4. You then promote your randomizer site and anyone that joins you pays you and one other member $3 and admin $4. If enough people participate, you can make a lot of money.

However, I never made a cent. It seems to me the only one that REALLY MAKES MONEY is admin!!!



I was so excited about this one!!! I put in my $5 and faithfully surfed 12 sites per day for 12 days. Then they paid me my $5 plus 12% = $8.64. I did it again and again.

This was all going quite well until StormPay decided 12DailyPro was bad and reversed all the earnings (but obviously not all the payments!!!!!)

Most disappointing and a total waste of time. I certainly won't be going for the “surf for x days and get paid x” sites again.



The following are not a total waste of time and do at least bring in a bit of traffic to your site but you won't retire rich doing these…


Clicking for Cash

I click for cash with clickaholics . Definitely not a way to get rich but if you've got some time to waste, clicking for cash isn't a total waste of time.



Paid to Read

I am a member of both Take The Internet Back and Donkeymails and faithfully open the few emails I receive each day. I usually just swap my earnings for advertising!!


Surf Exchanges

My favourites are webcentresurf and clickvoyager mostly because I enjoy the competitions they throw in – Webcentresurf has a trivia page once you have surfed 50 pages which is fun to do and clickvoyager have a hangman game, high/low card game and a lottery. These are useful because as you surf, you earn credits and you can then get your website seen. This can help your traffic ranking so I recommend joining the above programmes.


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Very best regards





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