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I'm sure you've seen the statistics - more people have become millionaires through network marketing (also known as multi-level marketing or MLM) than via any other industry. Why is this? Because to succeed in this business, you don't need a university degree or mensa qualifying IQ. All you need is determination and the right industry for you!



I'm a huge fan of Robert T Kiyosaki. I've read his books “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Cash Flow Quadrant” although he has done many others as well. In Cash Flow Quadrant, he shows the following diagram:


The above diagram shows that 90% of the world population are either employees or self employed where if they don't go to work, they don't get paid and they contribute the princely sum of 10% to the world's wealth.

On the other side of the quadrant, it shows that 10% of the world population are either business owners or investors where they have a business or investments that work for them – even if they are sitting on a beach – and they earn 90% of the world's wealth.



You don't have to be a brain surgeon to realise that your goal should then be to either be a "B" (Business Owner) or an "I" (Investor). However, it takes money to be an Investor so if you don't have a huge bank balance (in credit!!!!) then your goal should be to be a Business Owner.

So I started looking for a business to own.

And I promise ... this business is the answer!!!

Download the application form and a brochure1 you can Email me for more information.




These websites that you visit that tell you “join us and make R10,000.00 per month.”

How much are you prepared to spend on a business opportunity?
R50 000?  

R20 000?  

R15 000?

You can buy a franchise but they range from R30,000.00 right up to R500,000.00 just for the licence!!!

I didn't have that much money lying around doing nothing readily available to put into a business.

I decided R950, spread over five months was an amount I wouldn't miss - it's not even a dinner for two!  So I decided to give it a full go for five months and contact everyone I know.

I knew it was actually going to cost me less than R950 because pretty soon, the money that I made from my own home business would be more than my monthly premium but I felt like I had to commit to spending a figure and R950 felt like a reasonable amount that I was prepared to spend on my own business!


Also bear in mind that buying a business usually means you have tons of:

  • overheads,
  • staff,
  • premises,
  • telephones,
  • electricity,
  • transport
  • labour issues,
  • bickering and who knows what else

so in actual fact when it comes to owning your own business, R950 is dirt cheap!!!


So don't wait any longer! Download the application form and brochure. Please feel free to mail me and ask questions. You don't have to worry - I won't send you tons of messages because I don't have the inclination to "bully" people into joining me.

I answer each question individually so mail me your questions!


Very best regards





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