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Some Network Marketing companies offer various products so you find that one month you buy something at R200 and the next month, you spend over R1,500. And then you might find that people in your downline spent nothing so there are no downline sales on which you can earn additional commission!!

With us, you choose a set amount that is paid by monthly debit order. You therefore know exactly how much you will spend each month, which definitely helps the budgeting!



With the MLM companies that have various products, it means that you are constantly in touch with people you have previously sold to, trying to get them to buy another product or some new release.

With us, there is only one product. It is paid by debit order and there is no need for you to try and sell to people to whom you have already sold something. You can focus on recruiting new people. The people that you have already recruited and are in your downline are doing the same as you – focussing on recruiting more people!



Your income will depend on the number of active members in your down line and not on the sales they make. As your downline grows, you will see that your motto becomes WORK ONCE, GET PAID CONTINUOUSLY! So you can be pretty sure that if you earned R2000.00 in commission this month, next month will be even more!!!



Our business has a high pay-out - you are not just earning R3.00 on your first level - you are earning R12.00 on your first level.

The advantage of this is that when your recruits start to earn money, they will not cancel! They will be earning more commission than the business is costing and would be silly to cancel.

Therefore both you and your downline will have an income for the rest of your life !



Incredibly, there is still more great news!!! There is also the opportunity to earn extra money over and above your monthly commission. This comes in the form of once-off and monthly bonuses.



So don't wait any longer! Download the application form and brochure. Please feel free to mail me and ask questions. You don't have to worry - I won't send you tons of messages because I don't have the inclination to "bully" people into joining me.

I answer each question individually so mail me your questions!


Very best regards



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